1. An entrepreneur who fosters positive systemic change.

2. An ambassador of change for how humanity connects with one another and our planet.

A Catalizer

A catalyzer of imagination and innovation, Joyous has spent the last 6 years developing products and businesses devoted to socioeconomic improvement & optimized lifelong learning.
Joyous’ gift is being a natural connector of people & ideas to create “evolved enterprises.” His passion is upgrading business into a transformational force for eco-social good.

A Leader

Currently, Joyous co-leads We Are; a social transformation company designed to enrich the human experience, optimize life’s potential and expand the consciousness of our world. He leads We Are Solutions a branding arm of We Are, developing vision, branding, and core business strategy for enterprises that are wellness-oriented and regenerative. Joyous is also the co-architect of I AM, a new online platform for helping people discover their gifts to the world.

A Believer

For Joyous, authenticity, play, and the resulting natural sense of joy are essential keys to a fulfilled life. A deep believer of family, friendship, and community he strives to embody these values daily in both his work and presence within every moment.


A creative development agency for evolved enterprises, We Are creates & catalyzes brands centered around its central mission to elevate the human experience, optimize life’s potential, & expand the consciousness of our world.

Joyous leads We Are Solutions, a branding arm of We Are, developing vision, branding, and core business strategy for enterprises that are wellness-oriented and regenerative.

Joyous spends most of his working on I AM — “Redefining How The World Learns” which is the first major in-house enterprise of We Are.

I AM is a breakthrough learning technology
that has three major functions;

1) Search Engine for Personal Development

2) Socialized Lifelong Learning Tool

3) Skill Share marketplace.

Life Optimization Coaching

Joyous illuminates the essence of a person’s unique soul signature — their gift to the world. He is committed to supporting as many people as humanly possible discover their full purpose, power and potential. He reminds us how access limitless joy by living in the miracle of the moment.

Joyous combines his education in EQ, nutrition, yoga, massage, energy work and psychology to create a fully integrated experience of vibrant living for his clients. After working with hundreds of individual clients, you can count on Joyous to share techniques, tips and tools on how to embody this lifestyle.

Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3


learningpassion.com A non-profit dedicated to advanced learning solutions catered both to K-12 and lifelong learning pursuits. TI was used briefly as a vehicle to deliver the work Joyous developed within his projects Timeless Learning and HeartHub (now called I AM).

New Frontier Ranch


newfrontierranch.com An Eco-event venue, technology showcase site, and media broadcast center designed to empower the Cultural Creative and Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability (LOHAS) world-views, values and markets. This sanctuary is a platform for a global collective of socioeconomic paradigm shift partners to connect, create, embody and share a “New Story” for an enriched & elevated human experience. Joyous co-founded the vision of this project and brought in significant capital to acquire the property. Joyous has since parted ways with the project as a core team member although he still consults on the project.

Transformative Group

Co-Founder and Managing Director 2012-2015

transformativegroup.com Teaches best practices in the creation and maintenance of client relationships and sharing optimal wellness empowerment with individuals along with senior management teams in Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Joyous was Co-Founder and Managing Director from 2012-2015.



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